Sunday, January 8, 2012

Now "Hanging" Lace-Covered Mason Jars

I really took advantage of this weekend. I mean, I REALLY took advantage of this weekend, did anyone see how many blog posts I managed to push out? Not to mention projects I finished. I can't say Damon is impressed. The only time I came downstairs from the office, was to eat the soup that his mom had made months back, that we FINALLY decided to defrost. It's pathetic that I work for a grocery store, yet, we don't have a thing in our cupboards, other than chocolate, and by chocolate, i mean a jar of Nutella. Today, I was on a blogging mission. After December (embarrassing), I was bound and determined to get back into the blogging ring, and here I am. I have about 45 minutes before Californication starts, so I need to hurry, but here is my last project to post.

I added wire to the Lace-Covered Mason Jars-now they are able to be hung. 

I went to Home Depot and bought wire ($1.99 for 25 feet-16 gauge)
The good thing about getting the 16 gauge wire was the fact that it can be cut with scissors, not wire cutters.

STEP ONE: I cut 12 pieces of wire to the desired size.

I took the pliers and bent the bottom edges.

Aren't they pretty?

Then I cut 12 additional pieces long enough to wrap around the mason jars with a little bit of wire remaining so I could twist the wire together.

Next I placed the wire around the hooks I had made in STEP ONE.

I grabbed my handy-dandy pliers and twisted the tough wire, while my fiance sewed delicate pillows..
Yeah he was sewing :)

The Jars still need more, and probably haven't made their last debut, but they are ready to be hung by shepherd hooks down by the wedding aisle! 
Counting Down the Days!!