Thursday, January 12, 2012

Nice People

Since yard sales are now on hiatus, my mom has taken to going to auctions whenever possible--both for treasure seeking and to socialize with like-minded people.  This past weekend she went to a new auction site hoping to be the high bidder on a huge box of hankies.  Unfortunately, the hankies (a box of approx. 100) went for $200…definitely not in our budget.  But, fortunately, my mom likes to talk to those around her at the auctions and joyfully shared with Diane (the very friendly woman standing next to her) what she had her sights on and why. She also shared with Diane where I lived (who knows why-that's my mom). During their conversation, Diane said she had a few hankies that were her mother's and that if she was ever in the area of my house, she would drop them off.  My mom shared this story with me and, I could tell, was happy to have met a new friend, who she most likely would never see again. Well, when I arrived home for lunch today, there was something on my porch. When I opened the bag, I found the most beautiful hankies from Diane. Finding that treasure on my porch made my day, both because the hankies will be a welcomed addition to my hankie collection for the wedding and because I was reminded that there are still REALLY nice people in this world.  Thank you Diane…wherever you are…for being one of them.


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