Sunday, January 8, 2012

D.I.Y Watch Box

I continue to be surprised and impressed by Damon, and THAT is really hard to do. He spent his entire Saturday night crafting with me ("crafting" he would never call it that). I think he really does love me. :)

Damon asked the "thrifting" Santa for an old cigar box that he could be turned into a watch box, and because Damon was a good little boy, Santa came through, and found a pretty decent cigar box.

(Box: $15- the box was more than Santa would typically pay, but it was only a day before Christmas, so he did, what he had to do)

First thing is first, Damon and I headed to Michaels to pick up some Balsa wood. Balsa wood is pretty flimsy and easy to cut, so we thought that would work best. We then stopped at Joanne Fabrics, and bought fabric and stuffing.

(Wood: $7.00)

First step was to measure and cut the pieces to make the center dividers. 
The pieces were then glued together.

The remaining planks were cut for the outside of the box.

Then Damon cut down the pieces so that they would fit within the height constrictions of the box.


(sorry the pictures are bad-the lighting was crappy)


Most would think this sewing project would be shoved my way, but Damon trekked on. 

He cut 6 simple patterns in the fabric and prepared to sew.

Pinned the fabric in place.

(Fabric: $1.49)

It took a bit longer, but he sewed each pillow by hand. 

Flipped the fabric right side out and added the stuffing. 

(Stuffing: $3.99)

He then sewed the side of the pillow left open for the stuffing and a mini-pillow was born. 

Here is his completed watch box!


with leftover fabric and stuffing for other projects.

Let's keep our fingers that this will be one of many "projects" by Damon.
(please encourage when possible)



Anonymous said...

This is absolutely brilliant, thanks for the idea.

Anonymous said...

Love it! now i can get a watch box~!!

Beth Warren said...

What did you cut the wood with?

Lior Moravtchik said...

Hi. Can you give me the measurements for the cigar box? I'm searching E-bay for a nice one and they come in all sizes. I think the 6 watch construction is exactly what I need.
Thanks, beautiful work

Bianca Brown said...

Hi! Love love love this. Make it for my boyfriend for Christmas. Ordered a H. Upmann cigar box from eBay (love that it is antique yet still very refined looking). I was curious if you remember or have the measurements of the pieces you cut for the interior? I'm good at sewing, but the woodwork isn't my strong suit. Thanks in advance! And thank you so much for sharing this beaut!

Newfangled said...

Damon asked the "thrifting" Santa for an old cigar box that he could be turned into a watch box, and because Damon was a good little boy, ...