Tuesday, January 24, 2012

SUPER Vendor Week

It was vendor week at Green Street last week. I can excitedly say we have decided on three of our many vendors. We decided on a Caterer, a DJ, and a Videographer, all in one week! I think Damon finally feels like we are accomplishing things-we are getting to the meat and potatoes.

We met with our caterer, Jen, who runs, and owns, Thyme After Thyme Catering. Everything tasted amazing, and the presentation matched! My mom and I met with Jen initially and bounced some ideas off of her, when we did the tasting-she nailed it. It was exactly what we wanted. Jen is SUPER flexible, and is willing to do whatever we want, and work with whatever we have (random china plates). She is always quick to respond, and is willing to work with whatever budget you may have.

We met Adam McCallister, with Birdsnest Prouctions. He is SUPER down to earth and has rave reviews on all the wedding blogs. I really am not sure how we snatched him up? Lucky in love I guess. He is really reasonably priced, and even brings his wife along to help keep the entire day running smooth. It is really like a two for one, dj and wedding day coordinator-can't beat that!

Last, is our videographer, this was something we went back and forth with. It's one of our pricier decisions, and to some, a vendor that isn't needed, but NOT TO US!  I want to be able to remember our day forever. Months of planning goes into this one single day, and I can't imagine how fast that day is going to fly by. Pictures will be fantastic to have, but a video will be even better! I shopped around and we came across Forever Lucky Films. Chris is SUPER talented and has a really artistic take on weddings. Here are a few of his highlight videos, they are pretty awesome! We can't wait to see what ours will turn out like!

It's SUPER exciting to see all of this stuff coming together.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Alyssa + Khoran

ANOTHER one of my friends, and bridesmaids, has been swooped up off the market. Sorry fellas, Alyssa "formally" has a man to call her own-with another little man on the way!
Congrats you two! 

Friday, January 13, 2012

6th Annual Tubapalooza

It is official, Tubapalooza has been scheduled! HOOORRRAY!  
August 5, 2012

We may be waiting to take our honeymoon, but what better way to celebrate our marriage then a trip down the Delaware River. Will everybody be excited to celebrate Damon and I's One Week Anniversary of being husband and wife????


Table Numbers, AGAIN

As the months progress, as do my ideas. I think everything I originally wanted has been tweaked in some way. I don't know if it is because I am trying to make my ideas a bit more cohesive, or if I am completely changing my ideas into something else, and I haven't recognized that yet. I originally had buttons in the bottom of the jars and now that I am revisiting the wedding room, they don't make much sense. I am not going to kick the buttons to the curb completely, because I still plan to use them for something else, but the table numbers have been given a shabby-chic face lift.



Long strands of pearls in ivory and/or white...the searching continues....


The Bedroom

Damon doesn't allow strangers into our home, but he hasn't told me I couldn't welcome strangers into our home through this blog. I am sure he won't mind, especially because it is ONLY our bedroom. :) I know I am pushing my luck with this post, but if you are lucky, you will get a another glimpse into our home-before he makes me delete it. :)

If you haven't figured this out by now, most of the stuff in our home as been repurposed, purchased on the cheap, or a simple hand me down. Here is how we make it work.

White Picture Frame: IKEA (with fabric from Ikea), Black Wicker Laundry Bins: Ross,
Comforters {1& 2 (mine are disc. but here are similar ones) } and Throws: IKEA, Pillows: IKEA, 
Shag Rug: Carpet Mart

The black bedroom suite was picked up at a yard sale a few years ago. It has three pieces and was $125. It is solid oak and pretty awesome (maybe not for those who had to carry it to the third floor, and then back down to the second floor when I couldn't decide where it was going-sorry fellas).
The print on the dresser: Etsy-SilhouetteBlue

Bedroom suite: again yard sale $125, Black chair: yard sale $25 for two,
Pillow: IKEA, Fan: Target, Picture Frames on window sill: TJ MAX, ROSS, Marshalls,

Print-row boat press, Lamps: ROSS, Watch box, and Mirror: regift from my mom. 

Shelf: IKEA, Frames: IKEA, Print: Etsy-FIFIDUVIE

Wasn't this just fun!


Sleepy Char

Charlie just started sleeping out of her cage the entire night, 
or I should say, she just started sleeping on ME the entire night.
Even in a king size bed she manages to keep me as far away from Damon as possible.
We have a new appreciation for our sleeping beauty.

aren't they cute


Thursday, January 12, 2012


Here is what I am still looking for:

Vintage Floral Dishes (dinner plate, salad plate, dessert plate, tea cups, saucers)
Milk Vases (only large and small bowls)
Blue Mason Jars  
Pint Size Mason Jars
Platters, Pie Plates, Cake Stands
Skeleton Keys
Antique Books (anything wedding/love related in the title)
Pitchers (all glass/all different sizes)
Vintage Brooches for the Bouquets
Mirrors (neat frame)
Vintage Baking Utensils (Sifter, Whisk, Scale, rolling pin,)
Scrabble Game 
Shepherd hooks
2 Old Wooden Doors 
Buttons: Gray, Purple, Green 
Small Vintage Tins
Pearl necklaces (long strands /small pearls-ivory or white)
Large Doileys
Shabby Chic (table, desk, dresser, buffet)


Ray and Day

Kissing in the blue dark
Playing pool and wild darts
Video games
-Lana Del Rey

Video Games by Lana Del Rey on Grooveshark



I was quite pleased with the post office today.


Nice People

Since yard sales are now on hiatus, my mom has taken to going to auctions whenever possible--both for treasure seeking and to socialize with like-minded people.  This past weekend she went to a new auction site hoping to be the high bidder on a huge box of hankies.  Unfortunately, the hankies (a box of approx. 100) went for $200…definitely not in our budget.  But, fortunately, my mom likes to talk to those around her at the auctions and joyfully shared with Diane (the very friendly woman standing next to her) what she had her sights on and why. She also shared with Diane where I lived (who knows why-that's my mom). During their conversation, Diane said she had a few hankies that were her mother's and that if she was ever in the area of my house, she would drop them off.  My mom shared this story with me and, I could tell, was happy to have met a new friend, who she most likely would never see again. Well, when I arrived home for lunch today, there was something on my porch. When I opened the bag, I found the most beautiful hankies from Diane. Finding that treasure on my porch made my day, both because the hankies will be a welcomed addition to my hankie collection for the wedding and because I was reminded that there are still REALLY nice people in this world.  Thank you Diane…wherever you are…for being one of them.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Goody Goody Gumdrops

Damon's Aunt Claire has been sending me goodies, the latest was hankies!



Sunday, January 8, 2012

Now "Hanging" Lace-Covered Mason Jars

I really took advantage of this weekend. I mean, I REALLY took advantage of this weekend, did anyone see how many blog posts I managed to push out? Not to mention projects I finished. I can't say Damon is impressed. The only time I came downstairs from the office, was to eat the soup that his mom had made months back, that we FINALLY decided to defrost. It's pathetic that I work for a grocery store, yet, we don't have a thing in our cupboards, other than chocolate, and by chocolate, i mean a jar of Nutella. Today, I was on a blogging mission. After December (embarrassing), I was bound and determined to get back into the blogging ring, and here I am. I have about 45 minutes before Californication starts, so I need to hurry, but here is my last project to post.

I added wire to the Lace-Covered Mason Jars-now they are able to be hung. 

I went to Home Depot and bought wire ($1.99 for 25 feet-16 gauge)
The good thing about getting the 16 gauge wire was the fact that it can be cut with scissors, not wire cutters.

STEP ONE: I cut 12 pieces of wire to the desired size.

I took the pliers and bent the bottom edges.

Aren't they pretty?

Then I cut 12 additional pieces long enough to wrap around the mason jars with a little bit of wire remaining so I could twist the wire together.

Next I placed the wire around the hooks I had made in STEP ONE.

I grabbed my handy-dandy pliers and twisted the tough wire, while my fiance sewed delicate pillows..
Yeah he was sewing :)

The Jars still need more, and probably haven't made their last debut, but they are ready to be hung by shepherd hooks down by the wedding aisle! 
Counting Down the Days!!



Extra, Extra, read all about it...If you haven't heard the good news, I am renting some of the stuff I have collected and/or made. I am obviously using everything for my own wedding this summer, July 28, but will be renting stuff before as well as after. Weddings get expensive and I would love for other people to enjoy what I enjoy. I already rented my plates, and will continue to do so, until they get stolen, or come back chipped, then I will rethink my plan. 

Email: rachel.e.myers14@gmail.com

Dinner, Salad, & Dessert Plates 
(I have at least 170 of each kind)
$1.00 per piece up to 200 pieces
.75 cents for every additional piece over 200 pieces

Vintage Pint Size Mason Jars
Drinking Size

Quart Size Mason Jars

Blue Quart Size Mason Jars

Milk Glass Vases

Glass Bottles (tinted light green/blue)



Books w/ Love like words in the title


Mason Jar Vases/Lanterns

Cake Stands

(decoration only)


Galvanized Square Tub

Galvanized Drink Dispensers

Vintage Scrabble Game



Old ladder

(All have lids except baking powder on right)

(to be added to...)

deposit required and delivery and pick up fees
black out dates July 14-28, 2012
message me to talk details

Email: rachel.e.myers14@gmail.com