Sunday, December 30, 2012

Ray & Day


Easy Signs

Get vintage looking paper (or white) :)
Find a vintage looking font
Purchase a vintage looking frame
Now you got some neat little vintage looking signs

Then I personalized the signs with our stamp (etsy).


Picture Line

We weren't trying to be particularly vain when we did the picture line. We just wanted to give our guests something to look at while they waited for their food.


Dessert Bar

We decided on a dessert bar and we obviously used my mismatched dessert china to serve it! We had an assortment of cookies, assortment of cheesecake bites, brownie bites (made with love from my aunt Sharon), and cream puffs. We were going to have lemon tarts as well-but we unfortunately left those in the fridge at home. A little oopsie. 

I also tried to keep with the "tag" theme and made the dessert's labels in the typewriter font. 


Games, Games, Games

Games were a must have at our wedding. We were going for a relaxed feel and we wanted everyone to be entertained-even those who would rather not cut a rug.