Monday, June 25, 2012

For Sale

In the midst of planning a wedding, we have finally put the house on the market...

It's a sad day..



D.I.Y. Invitations

You don't have to be a graphic designer or spend a fortune to make decent invitations. I am by no means saying my invitations are something to write home about, but it is worth a blog post.

I got these D.I.Y. invitations from Target on sale for $19.98 (originally $39.99) steal!
They weren't exactly what I wanted, but I knew they had the bones to what I needed. 

I then came across this posting a few months back. I plugged in my info and out popped a pdf file with all my information.

After fooling around with the paper settings and making sure to get it just right, I had myself an invitation suite.

I didn't like the original strip, so I substituted it with ribbon. 
This Fabri-Tac was really easy to work with.

I wanted to incorporate small tags to tie in my save the dates, so I used my stamper from my earlier post, to post "this" blog.

And you get the finished product. 

Hurry up! R.S.V.P.'s-are due back in a few days!



Couldn't have said it better myself...


My Bridal Shower

I had pretty much the most amazing bridal shower. I could gush about it all day long. The girls did an amazing job transforming Krista's house into the sweetest little place (on earth? place is just down the road) for a bridal shower!

They made the tree for the "love birds", my mom did all of the flower arrangements.

The girls hand made the tea tins. :)

A summer versions of a tea party-An Ice Tea Party!

Me-of course.

How adorable is this cake?

Some of the girls

Some of the Patrick women. 

My very cute m&ms.

The remnants of the homemade caramel corn. :)

Thank you everyone who came! 


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Another Rental

As if I didn't have anymore less time-I spent Sunday prepping a rental and running it to Allentown. :)
 I am nutz! 

Does anyone else notice how HUGE the new mailbox is!


At least Day has me figured out...