Saturday, August 13, 2011

Paulus Farm Market

D.I.Y. Flowers?......

I spent all week at the beach and couldn't plan a darn thing for this wedding.  I guess rest and relaxation are not something I should be complaining about, but as soon as I woke up this morning I hit the road running. 

We went to Paulus Farms in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. Starting in July the fields are available to be cut.  For $10 they provide the clippers and the bucket.  It's then up to YOU to gather the flowers.   There was an awesome assortment of flowers, mainly zinnias, but also, snap dragons, sun flowers, straw flowers, asters, cosmos, celosia-flamingo feather, and lots more that I don't have the slightest clue on the names. 


All of the flower picking inspired us to practice our own arrangements, boutonnieres and bouquets. 


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Annie said...

Thanks for this post! I'm planning an August wedding next year and was thinking of going the DIY route with flowers from Paulus' and seeing your pictures makes me think it's definitely a possibility :)