Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ziegler's Auction

I’m at $500 n I wan $550, $550, bid on $550, I’m at $500 would you go $550, $550 …

We went to Ziegler's Auction on Sandhill Road in Hummelstown.  The auction's are on specific Wednesdays and doors open at 1 pm.  Between 1 and 2:30 people spend their time perusing the boxes and marking their tablets with the gems they want to bid on.  At precisely 2:30 pm the "box lots" start and the bidding begins.  It was VERY fast paced, but, I think I liked it.   

It was quite intimidating at first, hollering over here, hollering over there. I didn't buy too much but I did end up with a few things.  

Spools for $2.00

A ton of Zinc lids ($5.00), I should be set now.


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