Monday, November 21, 2011



We may not have a caterer, an officiant, or a lot of the other details figured out for our wedding, but we do have our honeymoon flights booked. I mean that's pretty important, right? After hours and hours on Orbitz, we finally decided on a destination and travel dates. Ok, let's be honest, "we" didn't decide on anything. I may or may not have told Damon where we were traveling to. We aren't doing the typical: get married and run off to an exotic location immediately after the wedding and reception. We are actually waiting an entire month after the wedding to venture across the Atlantic. We are headed to Venice, Italy (September 1), and have 14 days to travel and do whatever our little hearts desire. I already have an overly ambitious itinerary, but hopefully Damon will force me to take a little time for R & R.

Our itinerary will hopefully include:
Venice-day trip to Verona
(Realistically-I doubt we will get to Prague and Nuremberg)


 Part of me wants to explore areas of Italy where I have never been...
like the Amalfi Coast or Cinque Terre...

I guess this is all a good problem to have.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!


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Katie said...

That sounds awesome! You'll love it... Vienna and Salzburg are very cool. And, if you're planning to drive between Venice and Austria, I have an awesome hotel rec in the middle of the mountains with just an amazing view to wake up to!! We were very sad to spend only 1 night there along the way, but still worth it:

It's near Innsbruck. This site also has pics:;label=kolsass-k6f0HRvF4DB3yMbl7zbcMwS8167915589;sid=adb2838b48c53be2d224600f52ee0a25;dcid=1;checkin=2012-03-12;interval=1

Hope that helps!