Monday, November 14, 2011

Engagement Photo Session

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We had our engagement photo session on Sunday in downtown Harrisburg. The day was perfect-it was in the 60s and the sun was shining. We had fun spending the day with our photographer but let me tell you, engagement pictures are kind of awkward. I never thought of myself as an awkward person, but when you are asked to repeatedly kiss, hug, and gaze at each other, all in front of a complete stranger-keep in mind, you start to feel a little bit awkward. Damon was a natural, OF COURSE. He could smile, gaze, and laugh all on cue, and I remember Dan, the photographer, repeatedly saying, "keep that face Damon, but Rachel try to do this." Sunday was a re-confirmation that modeling will never be my calling. I think Dan was ready to kill me. Every photo I was asking a zillion questions about where my hand should be placed?, should I smile?, should I be leaning?, bending down? get the idea. He was very adamant about trying to get candid pictures, but when you're so obsessive-compulsive, like I am, candid moments are few and far between. Dan told us the pictures would be on his blog in the next three weeks, but lucky for us, Damon got an email first thing this morning saying he had posted a few on his blog. I saw a few of the pictures and they weren't as awkward as I thought they would be. He did a great job, the scenery and the quality are awesome, but I am still not convinced that I will like any of the faces I was making. Here is hoping that they turn out ok!! Check out Simple Life Portraits' Blog because there are more pictures there


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betch said...

That doesn't sound like you at all Rachel, I'm shocked. I am having trouble finding your pictures on the photographer's page.