Tuesday, September 13, 2011


As I peruse this blog and I see all the entries I have made thus far, I am starting to think I have pretty much made this entire wedding a do-it-yourself one. I don't know if I have gotten a bit overzealous, or the control freak in me has taken over, but I yet again have another d.i.y. project for the wedding.  The plan is to use succulents as the wedding favor. If you know me and have seen any of the plants I have brought into our house, you would know that I kill everything.  My mom, with the green thumb, has taken over this project. There are a million different varieties of succulents and cactus, and I have managed to scour my mother's yard, the neighbors, Damon's parents, and even a few yard sales to come up with several different varieties.  I am still in search of more varieties, so if anyone reading this blog would like to contribute, I would be more than thankful.

The above three pictures are from my parents' house. My mom has created a little green house for succulents.
Damon's parents' yard.  
There would probably be more if Damon wouldn't have thought they were a weed at one point. 
$1.00 for all of these at a yard sale over the weekend. 


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