Saturday, September 17, 2011


Damon wins week one and, because I couldn't get around to it in time, also DOMINATES in week 2.
Sorry Chad and Bailey...

As summer ends and fall approaches, a crazy epidemic has occurred within the male population. Men from far and wide have been positioning themselves in front of their television sets on Saturdays, and not leaving until the wee hours of Sunday evening. They leave the house Monday only to make the cash money, but then return to their couches for one last game that night.  Well, Damon too is one of these men, but maybe not to the extent of some because he still manages to get a golf game in any chance he can. Although Damon only likes to watch his teams, the Cowboys (America's team, as he says) and Notre Dame, he does enjoy flipping back and forth to the football channels to see how his fantasy players are affecting his point total.

I don't really have the slightest interest in watching football other than the fact that Damon did mention that if he wins there would be a good chance he would donate the money to the wedding fund. If Damon's fantasy football name wasn't enough, Kegerise-Myers, the boys in his league are really gonna get a kick out of the fact that they are being mentioned in the infamous "Ray and Day" blog.

My Poem:

So here is my little shout out to my husband-to-be,
CONGRATS KEGERISE-MYERS-Good luck in Week Three!

And just to let you know...I will be taking Damon's last name-no hyphens involved. :)


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