Sunday, December 4, 2011

Throwback Pictures

It's really neat, the history Damon and I share. Yeah, we were friends growing up, but even more, we were BEST friends. Over the weekend, my mom and I sat down and went through all of the old pictures I had of Damon and me. After she was finished looking at all of them, she asked the SAME question everyone has been asking for years; "So, you mean to tell me the two of you were JUST friends?" Crazy enough to say, we were. Damon and I have so many memories it would probably make some people sick. We even had made a deal, I think WAY back in our early high school days, that if we ended up still single at the age of thirty (that seemed so old then) we would marry each other. We agreed we would NEVER have to kiss (I am sure I was the one to suggest that), but we would get married (probably for the financial benefits) and grow old together. At that time the idea seemed sooo unlikely-I was chasing other boys, he was chasing other girls..but fast forward to 2012, it's happening-BY CHOICE EVEN. 

I also found Damon's seventh grade yearbook picture...not much has changed...His handwriting still stinks, and he STILL thinks he has game with the ladies.

MEIKO-"Stuck on you" 

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linds said...

I love this!

Katie said...

This post is super cute : )