Friday, December 9, 2011


Like I have said before, my mom has taken over all projects "succulent" (favors/boutonnieres). She is definitely the one with the green thumb. I kill anything and everything green that crosses the threshold of my front door, so we have managed to keep all the succulents at her house-growing/living/breathing, not dying/wilting/shriveling. I was eagerly awoken by my mom, like a kid on Christmas morning, calling to tell me she made a simple, but awesome boutonniere, and she was dying to show me. She is going to be a succulent guru come July and has now mastered the art of making a succulent boutonniere. She thinks the daunting task will take all of two hours come wedding time. Our neighbor is growing the lavender (she doesn't know yet that she will be donating to the cause). My mom is also negotiating with her new eBay friend from California, seeing if she can get enough of these succulents (see below) sent this spring. Let's keep our fingers crossed.


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