Thursday, October 27, 2011


I don't know about you, but I have the hardest time finding a good place to develop pictures. Either the quality is just blah, the pictures are too glossy, the borders are cheesy, the...I obviously could go on forever.  I once visited this place, University Camera, in Iowa City. This may sound weird, but that one-hour-photo-developing experience has changed my life forever.  Ok, maybe not changed my life forever, but I did love the prints.

Let me explain...we, my friend Emily and I, spent a few days visiting our friend Alyssa in Iowa. The three of us spent a semester in Spain together--I knew you were wondering what the heck we were doing in Iowa.  Anyway, we spent a few days gallivanting the streets of Iowa City, snapping pictures here and there. Alyssa made the suggestion that  we get the pictures developed before we all went our separate ways, which lead us to University Camera. One hour later and Viola, we were opening our envelopes to see neatly white-bordered, and matte-finished photos. I don't know what it is about their developing techniques, but I was REALLLLY impressed with the quality prints they gave us. Ask Alyssa, she will attest to this place.  Since then, Alyssa has moved to Philly, but I do know she still takes an entire que of photos back there to be developed and I continue to be envious.

Developed at University Camera

Well envy no more! Although Snapfish is no University Camera, it comes as close as I have found and it doesn't require me to buy a plane ticket. Some of you may know about Snapfish, heck, maybe all of you know about Snapfish, but I used Snapfish for the first time and was quite pleased. I loved the quality: the colors were right on, it was matte just how i like it, and the white border didn't look too computerized. I didn't have to wait in any pesky lines to upload my pictures, and I didn't have to waste any gas driving there to pick them up once developed. The entire process was simple, you just sign up, load your pictures to the site with ease, and three days later they show up at your door. I even got free photos for signing up. If you are looking for an easy and fairly inexpensive place to do your developing, jump over to Snapfish.

My plan is to hang pictures of Damon and me around the wedding venue, and I can finally rest easy knowing I have Snapfish to do the developing. 


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