Tuesday, October 11, 2011


 Here is what I am still looking for:

Vintage Floral Dishes (dinner plate, salad plate, dessert plate, tea cups, saucers)
Milk Vases (only large and small bowls)
Blue Mason Jars  
Pint Size Mason Jars
Platters, Pie Plates, Cake Stands
Skeleton Keys
Antique Books (anything wedding/love related in the title)
Pitchers (all glass/all different sizes)
Vintage Brooches for the Bouquets
Mirrors (neat frame)
Vintage Baking Utensils (Sifter, Whisk, Scale, rolling pin, cookie cutters)
Scrabble Game 

Again, if anyone ventures out into the big bad yard sale or thrifting world, keep me in mind. 

Ramsey, I by no means want to discourage you from looking and keeping me in mind while shopping with Breesha, but it is fantasy football season and my husband-to-be needs you to be off your game this week. 


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