Sunday, October 16, 2011

DIY Lace-Covered Mason Jars

Jess and Lindsey, my Maids of Honor, came down to help me with some wedding day projects. I have spent the last few months gathering random wedding craft items but nothing has come to fruition. I was bound and determined to get the ball rolling this weekend. This project was making my lace-covered mason jars. My plan is to hang the jars (with flowers in them) from shepherds hooks lining the aisle. I had picked up a random bag of lace scraps at a yard sale and, at the time, had no idea what the lace would be used for but decided they would be perfect for this project. 

1. We cleaned the jars, grabbed the scissors and lace, and poured ourselves some hefty glasses of wine.

2. We cut the lace to fit exactly around the outside of the jars.

3. Once we had all the pieces, we headed to the deck to start the gluing process. 

4. Cover the jar with the adhesive spray (we used Elemer's Craft Bond, Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesive) and attach the lace. I will warn you-this scotch adhesive spray is deceiving. It doesn't appear to be that sticky, but I woke up the next day (after minutes of scrubbing and a shower) to my entire hand stuck to the sheets.

5. Let it dry.

6. Add the ribbon, twine, burlap, or string of your choosing and Voila! 
These can be used as a vase or even a luminary...(oh, note, vintage suitcase $2 from Saturday's Market in Middletown, PA)



Jessy said...

It works best when done in the dark while drinking wine. And six hands are necessary.

rachal. said...

All of the lace I used was from a .50 cent scrap bag at a yard sale.

Anonymous said...

Love your idea & you explained it so well, even I could copy this...LOL! TKS!

rachal. said...

Thanks so much!