Friday, June 7, 2013


MIA is an understatement and I won't even waste your time with the apologies-you have all heard them before! I will say, this excuse is a little better then my last. The excuse...REID PATRICK KEGERISE!

Shortly after my last post and way too shortly after our wedding, we were surprised with some-oh so-not planned news....a baby on the way! AHHHHH!

First----How do I tell my parents? Irregardless of your age or marital status, when you aren't planning on getting pregnant, breaking the news to your parents seems like something straight out of MTV's 16 and pregnant (ok-it wasn't that bad). :) After telling my parents and waiting the 9 long months it takes to bake up a baby, Reid is here and we wouldn't have it any other way. I have one month left on my maternity leave and I am ready to jump back into the saddle and get back to posting the details of our wedding. Unfortunately, for those just interested in wedding details and Charlie our dog, I am here to apologize again. Babies will now be in the mix, as well as, the details of our soon to be move (if the house we put an offer on comes to fruition) and SWOON. Just hang on for the ride-I will try my best to keep you interested.

Meet Reid Patrick Kegerise
7 lbs 10 oz of sweet little boy


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