Monday, July 18, 2011

How much money did I spend?

Tell me, why is it every single time I go yard saling, I find myself asking the same exact question; "How much money did I spend?" Where does it come from? It's not the nickel and diming with the vendors and i am certainly not breaking the bank. The main reason....(i think)....I just want to reminisce about all those great bargains I found.

Saturday, we were up at the crack of dawn and ready to take on a neighborhood yard sale.  Sunday, we hit up the Williams-Grove flea market, where Damon even joined us. Here's what we found.

I started my "love" collection. Price range from .50-$1.49 (salvation army is pricey)

A $3 type writer with a dry ribbon.  I am bound and determined to get more use out of that ribbon.  Word on the street is to wet the ribbon with WD40 spray.  It needs to "dry" before you refit it.  I'll keep you posted on how it works!

Pie plates-$1 for the two on the left and $4 for the one on the right. Damon found these steals.

Went ALL day with no luck on the buttons. Later my mom called and said she had a surprise that I would have to wait until Sunday to see.  Sure enough, she came through and found a ton of great buttons. $1.99 for the entire bag at Salvation Army.

I found 7 Glass Pitchers to add to the collection (.25-$4.00)

I've acquired a tons of blue quart size mason jars over the last few months and typically paid .50. Unfortunately, not all of them had lids.  So now I am spending the rest of the summer searching for extra zinc tops.  Not an easy task in the thrift game, but luckily some lady was selling these for .50 each at Williams Grove. Sweet.

I continue to find more milk vases.  I have paid anywhere from .25-$1.50.  I am starting to think I have enough, really ENOUGH?

I just started collecting serving plates. These ran anywhere from .50-$1.00

Vintage porcelain: individual plates .50-$1.00 and sets $5.00-$15.00.  I have WAY more to find if I think this is what dinner will be served on.

You might be thinking, what will all these treasures be used for? Well, I am collecting reception items for my upcoming wedding...expecting the proposal any day. No pressure, that's not how I do it. I know this may sound a bit or A LOT crazy but I have gotten the green light (he smiled when I started reading "wedding blogs") to start acquiring these things.  The only thing is, when I got the green light,  I don't think Damon had any idea what that meant to me.  It started out small, with buying a milk vase here and there, but now has turned into.......well you are reading this blog aren't you?

And hey, meet Charlie.


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